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Tarsem Singh:

"He was hungry. He had missed three or four chances of hitting it big time, missing the earlier Superman and Bond and all those. I just said, 'He's the guy, he just needs to do it.' And he's so, so disciplined. I was really sold on him." (source)

"They (the studio) knew this was such a big film and I could go with one of the big actors, so why was I stuck on this unknown? But I wouldn't come off the pole. They finally gave up and said, 'Have your guy.' He was a little pudgy. I told him to get in shape while I got the script ready. I needed a swimmer's physique that was really trim. I needed an eight-pack." (source)

"When I cast Henry as an unknown, I was considered the fool. Eight months ago he's suddenly cast as Superman, and I'm the genius." (source)

"I told him it couldn't be a six-pack. You've got to come home with an eight-pack. There has to be no body fat because I don't have too many clothes for you to wear." (source)

"He was just so malleable and tactile. When I came to the studio, I told them that the script needs a lot of work, and it's going to change, but this is the guy. He can act. He can be physical. He can do everything we need him to do. We should stick by him." (source)

"He will deliver (MoS) in spades. There's no drawing this guy back at this point in his life. He's so committed. … In my film, he had to act, but he truly is a Superman.'' (source)

Chuck Walton, editor in chief of Immortals:

"Is it a gamble to put $75 million on an untested movie star? Yes. But Cavill proves up to the task. His 'it' factor is that he appeals to women and men. He's an old-school Hollywood type of star. Regardless of the financial take, Cavill shows he is a hero worth cheering for. Even if the movie ends up being a warm-up to Man of Steel, it shows the red boots and cape will fit this guy just fine." (source)

Mickey Rourke:

"I tell people that it was so nice to be on set and see a young actor (Henry Cavill) doing his pushups and jumping around. I remember when I used to get that excited, but it was nice to see that every day Henry couldn't wait to go to work. I couldn't wait to get off work. Fifteen years from now, Henry is going to understand how I feel."  (source)

"Henry Cavill broke his ass, I think he did 2,000 pushups a day before he… he would do 2,000 pushups before he go to camera… Can you imagine that? 2,000! And he's ripped, the chicks are gonna love him, and Luke Evans looks like dynamite, I mean all the guys, the girls are gonna go crazy for the way all the boys look — the pretty boys, not me!... (source)

Freida Pinto:

[on his dedication] "I had a lot of my scenes with Henry and I have to say he's incredibly dedicated and committed to what he's doing. I don't think I actually went up to him and said, 'You've been an inspiration,' but seeing how much hard work he's put into the film, he's absolutely an inspiration for actors who work with him. Just to see someone come in at 5 a.m. on the dot, be the last person to leave and come back again the next morning at 5 a.m., it shows an immense amount of dedication to what you do. The hours that he put into his physical training as well; he started well before any of the other actors had started, way before we even had a proper fitness team, of his own accord." (source)

"Henry was very giving as a performer, which is rare. He was an absolute gentleman and those are the kinds of actors that you want to work with. I was very lucky to have that, especially on my first-ever scene."

[on him being MoS] "I didn't see it on set, I have to be honest. That might be because he was covered in muck all day. But now that he's all cleaned up, I look at him and see a fantastic Superman." (source)

[on Immortals' sex scene] "(Tarsem) gave me the love scene to be the first scene that I have to shot in this film, so I was like, 'Really?' I mean I hardly even know Henry, … I guess that was a bit nerve-racking. … He was an absolute gentleman, so he kind of helped me, get us, comfortable as possible. Considering Henry was already on set shooting a couple of scenes before that, he knew a lot of the cast and crew members, but was kind of sweet to… you know, keep me calm." (video source)

[on what working with him was like] "Inspirational. That's the best way to put it because he had a lot of things going on. There were so many things happening and the whole film rested on his well-chiselled shoulders. So I guess to work with someone like that, who had a lot going on but was also very giving as a performer, is rare and I was lucky to have that with Henry, especially on my first scene that Tarsem so beautifully crafted and put me in." (source)

Stephen Dorff:

"I have to say I still don't know the guy too well, and it's kind of strange. I usually know more about people after I work with them. He's very quiet and to himself. He's very nice, but I got to know everyone else, but not him. I hope he does well with Superman. That's a tough one. Bryan Singer tried and couldn't pull it off, and he's a pretty damn good director." (source)

Amy Adams:

"He's got this humility. I think that's why he's so great for the role. There's this ease about him. He has this amazing effect on people. It's fun to watch." (source)

[on him being eye-candy] "Oh, he's more than just that! But it is a little distracting at first, I think. I think when people first seem him it's like 'Wow. You're actually really really good looking.' But… he is also, I gotta say, he is such a hard worker and I have so much respect for how hard he's worked in this role, you know, just… just tirelessly. He's doing a great job." (video source)

Ellen Whitaker:

[on how they got together] "It's a long story. But we just got chatting and he bought me a drink and that was it." (source)

"(When they were introduced at the International Horse Show at Olympia) one of the other riders asked, 'What do you do, then?' Henry said he was an actor. When the other rider asked, 'Are you famous?', Henry replied, 'The fact you've had to ask that suggests probably not.' … I'd just come out of a very long relationship. I do remember thinking, 'What a good-looking guy' but when Henry bought me a drink and asked for my number, I thought, 'No, I'm off men. Don't go there.' I was a bit standoffish. He sent me a message on Valentine's Day. I thought, 'Gosh, he's not going away easily' and we started talking on the phone while he was in Canada filming Immortals. When I bumped into him again months later at an event in Dublin, he looked amazing – supermuscly and fit. We started going out shortly after that. (source)

"Usually good-looking men are tough-going but he is the complete opposite. He is very driven but in a nice, calm way. He couldn't be further from the image of a tantrum-throwing Hollywood star. … (When he got Superman role) Henry came up that night to celebrate. We went to the local pub and played pool. One of the locals said, 'Is this your new boyfriend, Ellen?' I said it was and introduced him. The guy then said, 'What do you do then, young man?' I said excitedly, 'Henry's going to be the new Superman!' Someone else said, 'Oh, well done, boy' and that was it. It's the biggest leveller ever living up here." (source)

"(Show-jumping) is a tough, hard sport. I think that's partly why Henry and I work so well together. We have a mutual respect. I was a bit concerned the first couple of times he went to Hollywood. I thought, 'He won't want to come back to me.' But he's not like that. He could have anybody in the world but he insisted he wanted me." (source)

"I couldn't believe it when he asked me to marry him. I thought we were there to celebrate his birthday. It was such a surprise and I am so happy." (source)

[on his proposal] "I'd rather not talk about it. But it feels good and I'm very happy."  (source)

"Everyone loves Henry. He's just a really lovely guy. My family all warmed to him very quickly and I know they're very proud of him and what he's doing. There's a few jokes about Superman at the dinner table but that's only joking, really. It's a big deal for Henry, it's a real big role he's got. He's also got big films coming up in Immortals, which is out in November, and the Cold Light of Day, which is out next year." (source)

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