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This is an article that was published in Feb 2009 issue of Arena magazine. It was typed out for easier reading by Abby, administrator of Jump in! intensevibe.org forum, and was posted in a thread at this forum. Thank you so much, Abby!
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"Sounding Out: Henry Cavill"
By Charmian Leong for Arena Magazine

Henry Cavill's roles in period productions like The Count of Monte Cristo and The Tudors have shown the world that this British actor wears the cloak of old-world grace and masculinity with ease. Presently, Cavill is flooring women everywhere as the face of the new Dunhill Black fragrance, but not without first giving Arena his insights on the art of seduction.

—The renaissance of the gentleman could herald the reappearance of seduction as an art form. It may make the chase more complex but it's likely the experience would be enormously rewarding.

—When women say they like to be seduced if it's done "correctly", I guess it means they'd like us to make them feel special and unique without being smothered or fawned over.

—I think spontaneity definitely has its place in seduction but it shouldn't necessarily be the only factor. Sometimes waiting--for a gift or gesture--can mean the anticipated moment can become even more seductive as time goes on.

—I believe a sense of humour is seductive because laughter releases endorphins, which makes you feel good and that, naturally, is a key element in seduction. And having the ability to make someone feel wonderful, even for the briefest of moments at the end of a hard day, is extremely powerful.

—Genuine confidence to me means an open and friendly nature without any posturing or arrogance.

—Being a young man, I am an expert in nothing (like wine or horseback riding), but fairly well-versed in a few disciplines. What I do know is that I want to keep on learning more about everything, right up until the end of my days.

—It's still possible to seduce a partner you've been with for a long time. It's more difficult, but the result is equally rewarding for both involved.

—There are many great seducers throughout history. At the heart of the art of seduction lies the ability to open up windows of discovery in another person's life, such as new views and experiences that they hadn't thought were previously available to them.

—Not all of history's seducers, male or female, were people of high morals. I think we can learn something from that. Namely, if you don't maintain a gentlemanly approach to secution, you can land yourself in some very hot water. However, a bold approach to life is something I admire.

—Fragrance is a key part of seduction because you should be thinking about and endulging all the senses. Wearing the right fragrance is very important, especially on a psychological level. After all, our sense of smell is strongly linked with the creation of memories.

—When it comes to giving flowers, I'll just pick whichever are her favourites. I would simply ask her openly so I'll be sure to get it right.

—I consider myself to be a modern gentleman because I try to strike a balance between maintaining good manners without being boring. Retaining your sense of composure is important, but so is having fun.

—For a classic, romantic date, a quiet restaurant with good food and very good wine will be ideal.

—If I had all the means available to sweep a woman off her feet, it would include a first-class weekend trip to New York City. We'll go shopping in the day, and in the evening we'll visit the city's finest restaurants and look out across the incredible cityscape.

—I have arranged dates that were very much appreciated by the ladies, but a gentleman never reveals details of such private moments.

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