Henry Cavill on "The Tudors": Two Showtime official site's video interviews

"The Tudors" is a Canadian produced historical fiction television series filmed in Ireland, created by Michael Hirst and produced for the American premium cable television channel Showtime. The series, named after the Tudor dynasty, is loosely based upon the reign of King Henry VIII of England.

The premiere of "The Tudors" on 1 April 2007 was the highest rated Showtime series debut in three years, and on 23 March 2008 The New York Times called The Tudors a "steamy period drama ... which critics could take or leave but many viewers are eating up." A 28 March 2008 review also by the New York Times said that the series "fails to live up to the great long-form dramas cable television has produced" largely because "it radically reduces the era's thematic conflicts to simplistic struggles over personal and erotic power." Overall, the show has had generally good reviews with 64% favourable reviews for the first season, 68% for the second season and 72% for the third season according to the ratings site Metacritic.

Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, played by Henry Cavill

A longtime friend to King Henry VIII, Brandon briefly falls out of favour when he secretly married Henry's widowed sister, Princess Margaret, after her brief term as Queen of Portugal. Brandon's infidelity makes the marriage an unhappy one. He becomes an ally of the Duke of Norfolk and of Thomas Boleyn, to bring about the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey and to ensure his own return to court. After the removal of Cardinal Wolsey as Lord Chancellor, Brandon is appointed to the presidency of the Privy Council by Henry. After his promotion he shows little interest in the work of government leaving this responsibility to the Duke of Norfolk with whom he jointly shares the duties as president. Brandon is seen as a playboy in the show's first season, but as Duke of Suffolk becomes a mature courtier and magnate after marrying Catherine Willoughby in the second season. He hates the new queen and eventually quarrels with the Boleyn family, mainly directing his rage at his onetime ally, Thomas Boleyn. In the third season, Brandon is a reluctant but efficient leader of the King's forces, sent to ruthlessly repress a Catholic uprising. He is jealous of Thomas Cromwell, working to ensure his fall from office. In the third and fourth seasons, Brandon senses the increasing disdain that his second wife feels for his flawed character. In the final season he falls in love with Brigitte Rousselot, a young french woman he captured during the siege of Boulogne and takes her back to England.
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Henry on his role on Season 1. This is the legentary Henry's "red shirt" interview:
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Henry on his role on Season 2:
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